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CVS Health True Metrix Go Blood Glucose Meter - 1 Ct

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For self-testing blood glucose. Compact design. Quick results. CVS Health True Metrix Go Meter Kit is a kit to monitor blood glucose. It gives you the freedom to do it yourself in the comfort of your own home. This quick, easy test can save you the time it takes to go to a doctor or clinic to get your glucose tested. The True Metrix Go Meter uses Triple Sense technology. What that does is detect, analyze, and correct variables in the samples of blood automatically. This helps you because it gives you a result that is more accurate. This package contains the True Metrix meter, a 3V battery (installed), a lancing device that can be used with most lancets, 10 sterile lancets, an instruction booklet, a logbook for your testing results, and a compact carrying case. The carrying case will hold your meter, test strips, and your mini lancing device. The True Metrix meter needs a control solution and True Metrix self-monitoring blood glucose test strips. These are not included in this package and must be purchased separately. There are many advantages to this device. Those include: Quick results - as fast as 4 seconds Compact design Download capabilities Small blood sample (0.5 mL) The capacity to store 500 results with day and time Averaging for 7, 14, and 30 days To use this self-monitoring meter, you put a True Metrix test strip into the device and apply a tiny sample of blood. Your results will come back quickly! This is HSA/FSA eligible.