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Energizer Battery Operated LED Under Cabinet Puck Lights with Remote (6-Pack), White

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A little bit of light goes a long way with the Energizer LED Puck Lights. Emitting 40 Lumens per puck, these lights provide incredible illumination without the hassle of exterior wiring or taking up valuable space. These lights effortlessly combine functionality and customizable style by offering dimming and timer options. Simply use the included wireless IR (infrared) remote or lightly press the puck's lens, to easily achieve stylish accent lighting tailor-made just for you, no external wiring and included batteries for the pucks and remote, makes for quick and effortless installation, use the pre-installed mounting tape to position the light wherever you need it. This method of installation is the perfect solution for renters, closets, RVs, cars and much more. Portability, control, utility and style make this exciting new generation of Energizer Puck Lights a breath of fresh air in your lighting world. Color: White.