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Innovera Decor by Palram Empire Snow White 18.5-in. X 24.3-in. Backsplash Panel

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Empire Backsplash panels' late 19th century pattern gives the kitchen or bathroom an authentic touch, altering it into an eye-catching space. These decorative thermoplastic panels are easy to install and shape to perfectly fit your designated space. Be it a small or large space you plan to remodel, these panels will effect an instant luxuriant look. Material: PVC Each panel measures 18.5 inches x 24.3 inches x 0.3 inches Panels are designed for installation directly over any existing chosen wall, ceramic tiles, drywall or plaster allowing a quick upgrade to any room Panels are flexible, lightweight and easy to cut; requiring only a tape measure, tin snips and an adhesive (such as silicone) for a for a quick and easy installation These panels are hypoallergenic as well as corrosion, rust, stain, water, mold, mildew and bacteria resistant; ideal for new construction as well as for remodeling your space Simple to clean with mild cleaning materials (can also be cleaned with soap and warm water) Panels are Class A rated and are heat resistant up to 140-deg.