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ProLink Plug-in LED Under Cabinet Puck Lights (3-Pack)

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Create your own professional lighting setup with this set of three Ultra ProGrade ProLink LED Puck Lights. ProLink combines the best features you could want into each sleek lightweight and high-powered puck. Providing a total 663 Lumens of fully diffused premium-grade illumination you will be amazed at how much better your space looks under these lights. These pucks also let you change the color temperature from cool white light to warm light or even daylight - all with the flip of a switch. Everything you need to mount the lights come included inside the box. You can customize your space even further by linking additional ProLink fixtures whether they be other pucks or light bars. Conveniently connect them to each other with their included 18 in. linking cords. Improve upon your setup by pairing your pucks with awesome ProLink add-on modules such as dimming motion-sensing USB power and direct wire (sold separately). The perfect fit for kitchens office spaces workbenches and more your Ultra ProGrade ProLink LED Puck Lights provide you with lighting for life. White select - Easily change the color temperature from warm white (3000K) cool white (4000K) and daylight (5000K) to fit your preference-scores an impressive 95 on the color-rendering index (CRI) that showcases the room s true natural colors Streamlined install - all the hardware you need to install the puck is conveniently included inside of the box-simply mount the light and plug it into a nearby outlet Endless customization - link multiple pucks together or with other ProLink fixtures using the included linking cord-use with innovative ProLink add-on modules such as dimming motion-sensing remote USB and direct-wire Lifetime LED - this ProLink product is created to last and UL-listed for peace of mind Give your way - ProLink uses the power of every purchase to change lives and help those in need by donating 50% of net profits to causes that matter.