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Sapphire SP-3191-160-SN Gamma Series Modern Cabinet Handle Satin Nickel

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Are you tired of looking at a poorly designed cabinet handle? Or maybe you are looking for a durable handle which doesn’t demand frequent replacements? The cabinet handles have the biggest part in influencing the beauty of your doors. If you don’t want to face these difficulties you should get the Sapphire SP-3191-160-SN Gamma Series Modern Cabinet Handle. It will help you get rid of plenty of such problems and avail some benefits. Versatile in Use You can use it with different kinds of doors without worrying about compatibility issues. Whether the door is of kitchen or of the living room it is able to work perfectly with all of them. It is made with the zinc metal which gives it a lot of strength and thus it is able to last longer. Therefore you will not have to worry about the replacements of the cabinet handle. Beautifully designed The Satin Nickel finish of the cabinet handle makes it perfect for modern doors. The slim design of the door handle also enhances it suitability for the latest interior styles. The pieces of 6.3 inches long and it projects ½ inches from a cabinet face. The size is the right one for the requirements of the current designs as well. Need More Reasons to Choose Us? Comes in an elegant Satin Nickel finish It is 6.3 inches long and projects ½ inches from the cabinet face Can be used with different kinds of residential doors Made of zinc metal which gives it high durability and strength Has a sleek design which matches the modern interiors Comes in a set of 1 piece You get 1 piece and 2 sets of screws in the package. The dimensions of this product are 6.3 x 0.5 x 1.2 inches. You can get this product now and enhance the looks of your current doors.