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We are the fastest auction house on the planet.

Auction consignments for everyone.

Enterprise and National account liquidation and auction consignment
National Accounts

Liquidation services on consignment at an individual pallet, or truck level. We work with National companies to reduce shrinkage, recoup losses on discontinued merchandise, and liquidate overstock.


Regional liquidation and auction consignment
Regional Accounts

With the fastest listing software available, we can help you liquidate now. Do not wait to get cash flow back. Set up consignment and sell through your overstock fast and efficently.


Local liquidation and auction consignment
Local Business

Save overhead, remove overstock, and sell your products fast. Do not wait to get cash flow back and working. Set up consignment and sell through your overstock fast and efficently.


Side gig auction consignment
Side-Gig Here

Do you want a side business that pays off big? We can set you up on a plan that fits your budget, with rapid turnarounds. Want to be in the e-commerce business? We can help you lift off with Listernaut Software.


How do we individualize sales so quickly?

Our systems allow us to list a pallet of individualized merchandise as quickly as it takes other liquidators to list a full pallet of goods.

Through our sorting process we identify item conditions and list items accurately for greater returns. We prioritize and bundle for greater impact.

We host multiple weekly online auctions with a rapidly expanding bidder base and offer National shipping to further extend your reach.

We post and sell thousands items per week on our local pickup auctions and expand our reach on shipping only auctions across the country.


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